A Simplified Guide To Wildfire Smoke

The Calgary Region Airshed Zone with Alberta Health Services, the City of Calgary, and Alberta Airsheds Council has produced a Simplified Wildfire Smoke Guide.  This document was created with the 2017 wildfires in mind.  Protecting our children, older adults and the public is very important to all contributing to his guide.

The aim of this Simplified Wildfire Smoke Guide is to provide consistent and Alberta-specific messages, resources and information to help airsheds, municipalities, companies, schools, and other organizations plan for and respond to wildfire smoke events.  A primary focus of the guide is communicating and educating the public about the effects of wildfire smoke on health.”

Within this guide you will find documents on:

 Quick Facts on Wildfire Smoke:  Why is smoke a problem?  Who is effected?

AQHI Apps: To learn about your Air Quality Health Index is the first step in protecting your health in a wildfire smoke event.

“Wildfires and Your Health” Tip Sheet: produced by Alberta Health Services

AQHI-Based Response Plan Template and a Children’s Program Response Plan Template:  These templates are designed to be used for your organization to create their own personal response plan.

Employee and Supervisor Information: These samples created by the City of Calgary can be used and modified to your organization.

Communicating through Social Media: a guide on which organizations it would be beneficial to follow during a smoke event and sample posts and tweets that your organization can use.

Airshed Wildfire Smoke Poster

Airshed Media Release: A sample media release

If you would like more information on this document or have questions in relation to this information please email tanya.carlson@craz.ca

The Calgary Region Airshed Zone would like to thank Lynn Que, Alberta Health Services; Tanya Sakamoto, City of Calgary, and Elizabeth Bell, Alberta Airsheds Council for their hard work and dedication towards this project.


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