CRAZ has several committees that each provide different expertise in managing our region’s air quality.  The Technical Committee oversees the network of monitoring stations (continuous, passive and mobile) and reviews the data each month to make sure the stations are operating properly and to check for any air quality problems.  CRAZ works closely with Alberta Environment and Parks to report ambient air quality problems that may require the government to investigate.

The Technical Committee consists of representatives from industry, government, and the public. The committee currently has more than 15 members.  The varied backgrounds of our members help the committee to stay on top of current and changing air quality regulations, local issues, and air monitoring technologies.  The committee provides technical advice to the CRAZ Board to improve air quality monitoring and management across the region.

By being a part of the committee, our stakeholders gain insight into the state of air quality from monthly data review. Additionally, our stakeholders lend their expertise to collaboratively solve technical issues.

Interested in joining?

The CRAZ Technical Committee meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.  For more information, contact Mandeep Dhaliwal at .

Mandeep Dhaliwal, B.Sc., P.Chem.

Air Quality Program Manager
Ph: (+1) 403-608-9697

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