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Thank you to those of who you participated in the 2020 CRAZ Air Quality Municipal Survey! CRAZ is currently working on the development of a Municipal Toolkit to support municipalities within the CRAZ region with air quality management issues and your feedback is being used to help tailor that toolkit to your needs.

Participants were asked a series of questions in the following three categories:

  • Please rank the following air quality issues for your municipality.
  • To what degree would the following tools be of benefit to your municipality?
  • What are the barriers for your municipality for taking action on air quality? What supports do you need to overcome these barriers?

A full overview of the survey responses can be found here: Municipal Survey. A summary of the responses can be found below:

The top five air quality issues have been identified as:

  1. Meeting responsibilities under the South Saskatchewan Region Plan
  2. SMOG or urban air quality impacts
  3. Dust or dust related issues
  4. Monitoring air quality
  5. Burning of Biomass/Garbage

The top five tools were identified as being beneficial for municipalities:

  1. Examples of health and safety protocols in the event of poor air quality conditions
  2. An Air Quality Health Index
  3. Handbook on provincial requirements
  4. Templates or examples of existing policies to adapt
  5. Case studies or examples of what other municipalities are doing

The top five barriers for taking action on air quality were:

  1. Do not think there are air quality concerns
  2. Don’t know if there are air quality concerns
  3. Lack of understanding of provincial regulations
  4. Lack of knowledge or understanding of air quality science
  5. Adequate funding is not available

These responses will be used to determine the content of the Municipal Toolkit as well as other resources being produced by CRAZ.

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