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The Calgary Region Airshed Zone is committed to air quality and has asked our members to promote their eco-driving accomplishments, whether they work for a company, a municipality, or an individual effort!

Tracking fuel usage for fleet vehicles is important to save money but also for the environment.  Key components for tracking fuel usage can include fuel consumption, vehicle performance, and fuel costs.  Fuel Tracking 101: Everything You Need to Know | AtoB

  • Idling – Not only is idling bad for the environment and even illegal in some states, but it’s also probably eating a big chunk of your profits. The average long-haul truck will idle roughly 1,800 hours per year, using nearly 1,500 gallons of diesel. But this is not limited to rest stops. The dwell time at pickup and dropoff points can waste almost 3.6 gallons of fuel each day, upwards of $15.00 daily. Long-Haul Truck Idling Burns Up Profits (

There are several fuel management systems in the marketplace, here are some articles that detail the systems:

Best Fuel Management System Of 2024 – Forbes Advisor.

The Best GPS Fleet Management Software and Systems of 2024 (

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Tips on driving more efficiently: Gas Mileage Tips – Driving More Efficiently (

  1. Drive sensibly
  2. Observe the speed limit
  3. Avoid hauling cargo on your roof
  4. Remove excess weight

Disclaimer: CRAZ does not operate fleet vehicles and does not test fuel management systems.


The Calgary Region Airshed Zone is committed to air quality and has asked our members to promote their eco-driving accomplishments, whether they work for a company, a municipality, or an individual effort!  Please read Hal’s commitment: My wife and I strive for many of the things that NRC recommends here:  We’ve been doing many… Continue Reading

By Val Mynak July 5, 2023 Youth En Route recently partnered with the Calgary Region Airshed Zone, an organization dedicated to monitoring and managing air quality in Calgary and surrounding regions. In collaboration with other organizations and communities, CRAZ tracks and analyses air quality to enforce and develop strategies against air pollution. Their vision is to… Continue Reading

All sectors were present and ready to enjoy the day on June 6th, 2023 at the Calgary Region Airshed Zone’s Annual General Meeting.  This meeting is held annually and consists of a full day of presentations and networking.  The AGM was held at Ralph Klein Park and catered by Great Events. Presentations consisted of: 2022… Continue Reading

NRCB installs air quality monitoring unit in High River to help assess odours Posted on May 30, 2023 | CFO News, Featured The Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) has purchased and installed a new air quality monitoring unit in High River to provide additional information related to odours experienced by area residents. The Scentroid CTair unit will measure… Continue Reading

How are masks and filter media tested? Masks and Filter Media are tested using an Aerosol Generator combined with Particle Measurement. Aerosol generators The aerosol is created by two aerosol generators. The aerosol generators are triggered by a solenoid valve and switched accordingly. The hose connection of the respective generator to the filter holder must… Continue Reading

HIGH RIVER – The Calgary Region Airshed Zone (CRAZ) and Town of High River announce a partnership in concert with Alberta Environment and Protected Areas to bring air quality monitoring to High River. For one year, funding is provided to deploy a portable monitoring station (PAML) in High River. The trailer has arrived and is located adjacent to… Continue Reading

There’s something in the air, but what, exactly? CBC Eyeopener speaks with a local air quality scientist (that’s Mandeep Dhaliwal, CRAZ Air Quality Program Manager) about what we’re breathing in when wildfire haze blankets the city. Continue Reading

Alberta Airsheds Council has prepared this 2021 Alberta Airsheds Air Quality Report to provide a summary of the air quality data that is monitored and collected in our province by Alberta’s Airsheds. This information is important to share with Albertans because air quality affects our health and our environment. Air Quality Reports — Alberta Airsheds… Continue Reading

The Calgary Region Airshed Zone is proud to present a guide explaining health effects and exposure reduction resources to wildfire smoke. Community Guide to Wildfire Smoke and Health Overview Over the past few years, residents of the Province of Alberta have experienced increased smoke exposure as a result of severe wildfires. This guide has been… Continue Reading