All sectors were present and ready to enjoy the day on June 6th, 2023 at the Calgary Region Airshed Zone’s Annual General Meeting.  This meeting is held annually and consists of a full day of presentations and networking.  The AGM was held at Ralph Klein Park and catered by Great Events.

Presentations consisted of:

2022 Air Report presented by Mandeep Dhaliwal, Air Quality Program Manager, Calgary Region Airshed Zone

YYC Airport Authority Sustainability Strategy presented by James Jorgensen, Environmental Specialist,  YYC Airport Authority

Advanced Nuclear, Affordability, and Environmental Decoupling presented by Dr. Joseph Fournier, Ph. D., Advisor, Sovereign Technology and Power

Clearing the Air on Gravel Extraction presented by Rob Fragoso, Executive Director, Alberta Sand and Gravel

CRAZ would like to thank all participants and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

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