In spring 2019, the Alberta Council for Environmental Education teamed up with the City of Calgary and Calgary’s two major school districts to engage Calgary’s school community in environmental stewardship and climate action that directly supports the city’s newly adopted Climate Resilience Strategy and other environmental strategies.  The main goal was to create a framework for collective action that fosters a common sense of purpose and civic pride and most importantly, helps students feel hopeful for the future through purposeful action.

Our journey has since led to EcoSchools Canada, an award-winning bilingual environmental certification program for schools that strives to nurture environmental leaders, reduce the ecological impact of schools, and build sustainable school communities.  School can get credit for taking action to protect our air shed such as establishing idle free zones, participating in Bike to School day, and even outing up solar panels!

To register your school, click here and follow the prompts. Once you have registered, you can explore the platform and all its features and resources – available in both official languages.

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