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The Calgary Region Airshed Zone is committed to air quality and has asked our members to promote their eco-driving accomplishments, whether they work for a company, a municipality, or an individual effort!

Tracking fuel usage for fleet vehicles is important to save money but also for the environment.  Key components for tracking fuel usage can include fuel consumption, vehicle performance, and fuel costs.  Fuel Tracking 101: Everything You Need to Know | AtoB

  • Idling – Not only is idling bad for the environment and even illegal in some states, but it’s also probably eating a big chunk of your profits. The average long-haul truck will idle roughly 1,800 hours per year, using nearly 1,500 gallons of diesel. But this is not limited to rest stops. The dwell time at pickup and dropoff points can waste almost 3.6 gallons of fuel each day, upwards of $15.00 daily. Long-Haul Truck Idling Burns Up Profits (

There are several fuel management systems in the marketplace, here are some articles that detail the systems:

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Tips on driving more efficiently: Gas Mileage Tips – Driving More Efficiently (

  1. Drive sensibly
  2. Observe the speed limit
  3. Avoid hauling cargo on your roof
  4. Remove excess weight

Disclaimer: CRAZ does not operate fleet vehicles and does not test fuel management systems.