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The Calgary Region Airshed Zone is committed to air quality and has asked our members to promote their eco-driving accomplishments, whether they work for a company, a municipality, or an individual effort!  Please read Hal’s commitment:

My wife and I strive for many of the things that NRC recommends here:  We’ve been doing many of these things for years.  Most people don’t realize that driving 10% below the speed limit saves at least 10% on fuel and greenhouse gas emissions for the same distance traveled.  And roof racks and roof boxes are notorious for reducing fuel efficiency and increasing GHG emissions.  If the average driver who drives 15,000 km per year followed some of these tips, they’d save fuel by the equivalent of approximately not driving for 1,500 km per year!

But probably the best tip we can give is to leave your car at home!  Instead, walk, bike, or take transit.  There is no better eco-driving tip than to not drive in the first place!