“Clean Air” – Design your own “Clean Air Strategy”.

CRAZ is developing a “Design your own Clean Air Strategy” for students.  This program will be launching in September 2015.  We are issuing a challenge to students to develop a “Clean Air Strategy” for their schools.  It could be to create an Idle Free Zone around their schools, to plant trees for their schools, etc. CRAZ will be developing guidelines and a teacher’s toolkit to incorporate into their classrooms.


Idle Free Toolkit

CRAZ has developed a Teachers Lesson Plan on Air Quality.  This plan is simple to use and CRAZ will be happy to supply all the necessary tools to teachers wishing to implement this plan.  The plan is written for the Grade 5’s based on the Weather Curriculum but can be modified to suit any grade.  CRAZ Air Quality Manager would be happy to come and give students a free presentation on air quality.

Download the CRAZ Teachers Lesson Plan on Air Quality

Commuter-Connect (Small)

Workplace Commuter Options

CRAZ has developed this toolkit to help organizations foster a more efficient, healthy, and environmentally responsible way for their employees to travel to and from work. This document provides direction and resources that will help you develop a Commuter Options Program for your work place.

Download the CRAZ Commuter Options Toolkit


Community Commuter Options

CRAZ has developed a toolkit that can be used in your communities to help identify and solve the barriers that are keeping community members from using a more efficient, healthy and environmentally way to travel around your community.

Download the CRAZ Commuter Options Toolkit


For Media Release

CRAZ is a leading source of air quality in the City of Calgary and its surrounding communities. With real time data and specialized staff, CRAZ can guarantee to provide up to date information on what is happening with the Air quality today.

CRAZ has developed toolkits for commuter options, idle-free campaigns, and school “Clean Air” strategies.

CRAZ is an organization that has been set up in partnership with municipal and provincial governments, the public and not for profit sector, and with industry to monitor and manage air quality in the City of Calgary and surrounding communities.
Visit the CRAZ website daily for the Air Quality Health Index, the AQHI provides a number form 1 – 10+ to indicate the level of health risk associated with local air quality.

For more information or questions on the Calgary Region Airshed Zone please email Tanya at Tanya.carlson@craz.ca or phone 403-968-5522.

CRAZ Photo Contest – Air:  Make the Invisible Visable!

Submit your photos for a chance to win!  Contest themes are: Weather, Nature, Urban/Industry, and People.  Categories: Adult, and Youth (under 18).  Submit your photos to Tanya.carlson@Craz.ca between July 15th, 2016 – May 15th, 2017.  Prizes include $200 for top photo in each category and theme, and $100 for the runner-up.  For more information www.craz.ca/blog.  Good luck!